Frequently Asked Questions

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Mental engagement. Make it fun…or a job. Many dogs need to “work”, they were bred for those qualities. Just learning what engages them mentally allows our trainers to focus in on a technique that works best with your dog’s natural instincts and tendencies.

  • Prong collar, slip leads, Halti’s, gentle leads...

  • E-Collar or vibration collar

E-collars have gotten a bad reputation for one reason only…irresponsible trainers and pet owners have used them incorrectly. An E-collar is a training tool that is based on the concept of breaking the dogs concentration from another object and redirecting it to you and the commands you are giving the dog. E-collars are not used to punish a dog. They are not used to hurt your dog, simply to redirect their attention and focus it back on the task at hand…. listening to you!

The e-collars that we use can provide either an electrostatic charge or a simple vibration. The level of electrostatic charge can be adjusted and we always use the lowest level that the dog responds to. Again, we are not trying to hurt or scare them, just get their attention and refocus them. Our goal is to use whatever tools the situations call for and don’t rely or focus on just one tool.

That can depend on your dog and what you are trying to accomplish. Our 4-week intensive program features daily interaction with multiple trainers which progresses up to off leash work with distractions present (other dogs, cats, people, treats, and toys). Not jumping on people, Stay (or “Place”) in a certain location until you release them…and more.

The 4-week “Bootcamp” board and train program is $4,400, 6 week program is $6,600, and $6600 for our 10 week Puppy Development program. We require 50% down once your dog has been accepted into the program and the remaining 50% when you drop off your dog at the start of the program. This can be cash, credit card, or we now OFFER FINANCING.

We require 50% down once your dog has been accepted into the program and the remaining 50% when you drop off your dog at the start of the program. This can be cash, credit card, or we now OFFER FINANCING

Our goal is to make you happy. So, if you don’t feel your pet is doing what we said they would….then talk to us. Our job is to make sure your expectation is met. That is our commitment to you.

When you pick up your pet, he/she will complete all of the tasks and commands that we describe in the evaluation. Any training requests beyond our standard program must be agreed to in writing. This is to ensure that everyone’s expectations are clear.

If your pet does not perform those tasks or obey the commands, you will have the option of having us continue to work with your dog for another 1-2 weeks until your dog is performing as expected.

After your training is complete you will receive credit for one free advanced obedience class or two private lessons to ensure you are being successful with you dog.

At Dog Squad, we consider our clients part of our family. You’ve entrusted us to care for your pet and allowed us to train your family member. We don’t turn our back on family. We are always available for phone consults to talk you through any issues you might be noticing. In fact, we encourage you to contact us in the weeks and months after the training so we can hear how they are progressing and also to address any issues as soon as possible once you notice them.

5 months with documentation of all required vaccinations.

Yes, we can teach an old dog new tricks. We tailor each program to fit your goals as well as the dog’s temperament, tendencies, and living environment.

Dogs in Dog Squad training are worked with at least 4-6x per day depending on your dog’s personality, attention span, specific issues we are addressing and other variables. We also incorporate time for socializing with other dogs and people.

On average, dogs sleep 12-14 hours per day…up to 18 hours for puppies or older dogs. We wear them out pretty good with daily physical activity and mental stimulation. We give them plenty of time to rest so they are ready for their next training event, however we don’t just leave them in a kennel all day. Dogs are worked with in intense periods of work and then allowed to decompress, play, and rest....before repeating the process throughout the day.

Yes if they are not dog reactive/aggressive, we will work play time into their training and socializing sessions.

Playing with other dogs tends to help with their training. It wears them out and can associate the training sessions with play, or a “game”. We work with multiple dogs togehter in the training session so they learn to ignore other dogs/trainers...and the cat.

No, we ask owners to bring their own food to prevent digestive upset which may set back training. It can take a few days for your pet to adjust to the new schedule and environment, the last thing we want is to give them a belly ache because we changed their food.

If we notice the food running low, we will call a few days before you run out so you can bring down more.

Your dog may eat more than normal because of the amount of exercise he or she is getting.

Dogs can begin the Dog Squad training program once we have documentation of up to-date vaccinations and you and your dog come in for a evaluation.

Please call for an evaluation so we can discuss availability.

Yes! In fact, you need to commit to come in three times during the month so that we may work with you and introduce you to the tools and commands that you will be using when your dog returns home.

In addition, we will send updates with pictures throughout the time your dog is going through our program.

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