Client Testimonials

At Dog Squad Training, we are very passionate about what we do, and our mission is to provide you and your dog with the best experience possible. Here’s a snapshot of what our clients have to say about working with us!

We have had a 20+ year relationship with the Blaine Kennels & Dog Squad Training. They have always been a dog training program that I have held as the gold standard. When we first tried them for dog training, we lived just down the road so they were convenient, reasonably priced and seemed to be very knowledgable about all aspects of what dogs need to remain healthy, safe and family friendly. After training our first dog with them, we moved and it took about 30 minutes with traffic to get drive to their location. By our third and fourth dog, I tried other trainers and was very disappointed with them for many reasons which included the use of techniques that did not work. Blaine Kennels spoiled us. So back to Blaine Kennels we went. We were welcomed back like ten plus years had not elapsed. A newer service that I didn’t remember them offering before was doggy daycare. They have a much cleaner dog-friendly program that keeps me making the trek over and over…. Lady and Sheba start getting excited and crying before we even turn off Radisson Road. When we arrive, I could be invisible because they literally race to the entrance to the doggy daycare area and don’t look back. The Blaine Kennels crew treats you like you are part of the family and I would always trust them to keep my dogs safe until I pick them up. The support, advice and words of wisdom that I have gotten through the years is priceless. Using the Blaine Kennels for training, doggy daycare and boarding will always be a win win choice. Your dog will be happy and you will feel that they are getting awesome care and attention.”

– Deb Sheaser, 20+ year customer/family

We had two Boston Terriers and we then adopted another from the Humane Society all approximately 3 years old, so we have two boys and a girl. At first they all got along famously, then after about 4 months the two boys started trying to dominate each other. They were having constant fights when they were startled by the doorbell or by other dogs walking by, and this was causing real anguish with my boyfriend and I along with the dogs being injured from each other. I was at the end of my rope and felt horrible, wondering why I adopted the third dog. I then looked online and found the Dog Squad, and I signed themup right away. After talking to one of the trainers, I was convinced they were in great hands! We can now take the boys on walks with other dogs around the neighborhood, and Blaine Kennels is where we take all of the dogs for doggie daycare and when we go out of town for extended periods of time. We LOVE the staff and the security that our dogs are in great hands.”

– Amy Haglin

My wife and I have been taking our dogs to Blaine Kennels for nearly twenty years. Whether it’s training or boarding, pet products or advice, we have always found Blaine Kennels to be professional, informative, helpful and accommodating. The staff at Blaine Kennels is amazing – they greet every client by name (human and animal) – and demonstrate an ongoing love for the caring of animals. We won’t board our current Golden Retriever, “Lady”, anywhere else – and we’re not sure she’d even let us!”

– Gary and Jane Dunn

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